With a LEED certified professional at the helm of Storer Designs, you can rely on expert sustainability and design advice from an industry leader in home interior design. At Storer Designs, we fuse luxury and sophistication with environmentally conscious interior designs.

A well-thought out space that incorporates both aesthetic elements and functionality is essential to our interior design practice and that extends to ensuring a space is environmentally sustainable. We don’t just seek to create a great looking space but also educate clients about the elements of design and the importance of infusing sustainable practices into the home. At Storer Designs, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a happier and healthier space that they can feel good about.

Bathrooms are among the easier rooms in which to go green. Changing out fixtures manufactured before the water conservation mandates of 1994 will immediately ease your bathroom’s impact on the environment (and your wallet). As consumer demand for green products has grown, manufacturers today are offering more recycled and sustainable options.